Monday, January 5, 2009

Sweet Christmas

Christmas was a while ago, I know, but I am finally back among the blogging and back home unpacking. I had a great Christmas with my husband, family and friends. We were in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and New Jersey over 11 days. I am definitely spoiled and got more great stuff than I can mention here (books, a beautiful wrap, a sweet card, etc.), but I wanted to share some of the handmade and vintage items I received. I am one lucky lady!

My mom gave me this vintage turquoise bird cage and a Remington Rand Model 1 1930's typewriter (like this one). The typewriter is in the black case under the birdcage, it is for me and my husband since he is a writer. I am bringing it in for cleaning and repairs today and will post some before and after photos later.

My mother-in-law gave me one of my favorite prints - melissakate's Colorful Kingfisher Linocut. I can't wait to frame it and hang it. She also gave me some beautiful earrings from Cymbaline's Designs. She has given me a number of earrings from her shop and they are all well worn.

My sister-in-law gave me a handmade purse featuring these sweet little fabric yo-yo's and my 3 and 1/2 year old niece painted this little birdhouse for me. So cute!
When we were visiting our friends L and J from Hungry Gringos we were well fed and well gifted. L gave me a gorgeous canvas print she found at an estate sale. The photo doesn't do it justice, I want to frame it or stretch it over a frame, and will post photos once I do.

I had such a wonderful holiday, I can't believe it is already over. Thank you everyone! Next I work on my New Year's resolutions...


Grace@PoeticHome said...

What treasures and beautiful gifts! I adore the bird cage your mother gave you, and I look forward to seeing before/after photos of your Remington. Typewriters are so beautiful to me and they exhibit great character.

I also really enjoyed seeing your beautiful Etsy work!

paper wren said...

Thanks, I am so grateful for everything. My husband is picking up the Remington tomorrow for me. I am so excited, they said it works now so we can type away!

oline said...

how on earth did you get the sun to glint so perfectly in the picture of the birdcage? i would kill for such natural light!

paper wren said...

I know, my mom's house gets such great light and it was in the perfect spot! I think I took 1,000 pictures of it (and of the cat sleeping under the tree. I couldn't resist.)