Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Obama!

No, I am not in DC getting ready for an inaugural ball. But today made me wistfully remember April of 07 when I saw Obama speak in Boston and got to shake his hand. Twice. I am really tall and so is he so we shook hands over a mass of crushed undergrads. I caught him at the beginning of the line and then one more time for good luck at the end of the line. This is a photo I took during my encounter.

Today was amazing. At work I helped organize a pizza/viewing party. The internet was overloaded and so we ended up listening 1930's style around a radio. I made some truly patriotic cupcakes for the occasion.

I have never been so proud of this country or so hopeful for the future. Hearing the national anthem was more meaningful today than ever before. Now let's get to work!

PS- Be sure to read Skinny laMinx's post about Shine-Shine's commemorative Obama cloth. I followed a link from that post to another commemorative cloth posting of hers and learned a lot about the tradition of African commemorative cloths in politics. Very cool and very interesting. Thanks Skinny laMinx!

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