Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Blue Cape Cod

I was at the Cotuit Center for the Arts yesterday and saw the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod's exhibit ROY G BIV. The exhibit features over 50 artists, and there were many wonderful pieces. But one of them stuck with me and I am still thinking about it now.

John Dowd's piece (I think it was called Summer Night) was really amazing. It was of two cottages next to each other on a summer night, and you could just tell there were some lights on inside. But what was amazing was the atmosphere of the painting. You could smell the air, feel it, almost hear the sounds. It reminded me of renting tiny little cabins in York, Maine in the summer and after a day at the beach, the cabin was quiet and cozy. I'd have on PJ's and have that happy, worn-out feeling after a day of swimming.

I couldn't find the exact painting online, but I found this similar painting, Summer Night, East End, on the William Scott Gallery's website. They have a lot of his work, you should check it out. All of his paintings have an amazing quality of light. You can really feel the place in them.

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