Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday Find: Inspired by Tea

I have tea on the brain as you can see from my last post, so I decided to pull together some super cute, teapot themed items from Etsy sellers. A great way to spend black Friday, cruising around online (sipping tea of course) instead of in the stores bumping elbows with the crowds.

Check out these seller's shops because all three have really great stuff and offer plenty of potential gifts for the upcoming holidays!

Mini Wall Hanging Clock - Tea Pot by decoylab

Teapot by sollinero

Silver Tiny Whimsical Teapot Studs by ANORIGINALJEWELRY
(free shipping through 11/30!)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Afternoon Tea

Today we had some friends over for afternoon tea. I have been dying to make it since I enjoyed the full spread with a friend at our nearby tea house. And of course, who could forget the Four Seasons back in March?

I would like to say I made everything from scratch, but I am no Martha Stewart. I made the sandwiches and bought the baked goods. It was a great way to spend the afternoon, snacking, sipping tea and talking. I highly recommend it. It is such a fun excuse for gathering and trying new things. I'm hooked.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Nest: Before and After

I have finally gotten to a point where I can start to show some before and after photos of our place. I figure I have been using the house as an excuse for not blogging and printing, so I better show that I haven't been sitting on my duff this whole time.

The bathroom is officially done. We had a professional (well, more like semi-professional as we found out) do the tile floor. But the rest was done by me and the team (my husband and I have gotten help from all of our parental figures - thank you!).

The kitchen is the next big project and there are all sorts of finishing touches in the other rooms, I will keep you posted!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fall Pinhole Photos

A while back, when we were at Carter Hill Orchard, I took a lot of pinhole photos. It has been rainy and cloudy for a few days and seeing the blue skies and bright sun makes me wish we weren't just starting to get into the cold, winter weather, and that spring was just around the corner.

Yikes, it's going to be a long winter. At least we have a cozy place and a cozy kitty to help us survive the long winter days. Anyway, here are a few pinhole photos from the orchard, you can see the rest on flickr.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Season of Donuts

In my absence I have been very busy. Eating donuts. We went to Wilson Farms for fresh cider donuts, not once, not twice, but weekly for about 6 weeks. Lucky for me, the craving has largely passed (or at least I can occasionally say no when we are there for produce). Here are a few photos of the glorious donuts and other fall ephemera there. Mmmm, donuts...