Monday, March 16, 2009

Afternoon Cuppa

Just for fun, me, my husband and his mom went to have the afternoon tea at the Four Seasons in Boston since she was visiting. We all love tea, and I am crazy for tiny sandwiches. It was super fancy and extravagant, but so much fun.

There were scones and banana bread on the top plate, which I meant to photograph as well, but I was flustered because right before the food came, Dwyane Wade walked in and sat down at a table near us. Now, obviously I am a Celtics fan (even though I don't watch a ton of basketball) but Dwyane Wade is one of my favorite non-Celtic players and I stared at him with my jaw on the table as he walked by, completely star struck and bright red. I guess if you are going to bump into a celebrity it would be at the Four Seasons.

Anyway, after deciding not to bother him while he ate I refocused my attention on the amazing tea treats. There are some more photos of the tea sandwiches and amazing desserts below. If you have a birthday or special occasion coming up, I highly recommend finding a fancy pants hotel that serves afternoon tea to celebrate. It feels like a real treat!

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