Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pinhole Happy

These are a couple pinhole pictures I took last weekend. It has been a while since I used my pinhole camera. I broke it out because I have been in a card funk and haven't liked any of my designs lately so I thought doing something different might help.

It was fun walking around my mom's house taking pictures. Sometimes the snow was up to my knees if I fell through all the way. Now most of it must be gone, thankfully. For years all I did was take photos, and then I got to a point where I was so critical of myself, such a perfectionist, and put so much pressure on myself that I couldn't take pictures anymore. It became so cerebral it wasn't fun. It was like I strangled the creativity out of me when it came to photography.

What is that anyway? I am better now about creative stuff now and take it easy on myself, but I am just now getting back to photography a bit. It is fun again, which is nice. Have any of you ever done that? Over thought your art and/or craft so you just had to walk away for a while?

Anyway, you can see more pinhole photos at my flickr photostream. I will be working on some wedding photos to match the save the dates I did recently, and I am excited about them. That will also help get me out of my card funk. That and spring!


oh, hello friend. said...

how fun, a pinhole camera? that is so legit! ;) your pics turned out fabulous! can't wait to see more!

paper wren said...

Thanks, I hope to take more now that it is getting nice out!

oline said...

those are gorgeous!