Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Freebies - Gift Tags!

One of the many fun things about Etsy, is that often when you buy something you get a free little gift with your purchase. I had been printing out little business card sized thank you cards, with tiny envelopes. But, I was glad that I ran out recently because I really didn't like them (hence no photo of them).

For Christmas I bought my husband a card from sushipot. I was inspired by the cute little freebie she included in my purchase. It was a little gift tag punched out of a bit of vintage ephemera.

When I print cards, I almost always end up with a few that are not quite good enough to sell. Whether it be because on spot smudged, a bare spot in the print, or that I printed the card upside-down (it happens more than I'd like to admit), I have been accumulating less than perfect cards for quite some time.

Now we get to the "ah ha" moment. I decided to make use of these cards by punching them out into tags and including them as the freebie with purchases. Something free for my buyers and I get to reduce, reuse and recycle - it's a win win! These are a couple of the tags I made this weekend:

Bits of my "You float my boat" card.

Bits of some wedding invitations.


Grace@PoeticHome said...

What a beautiful way to recycle the wayward cards! They are gorgeous, and I would have never known they came from cards that didn't make it into the final inventory. :)

paper wren said...

Thanks! I am happy the cards have a new life rather than sitting in a dark craft drawer.

Lorena y Justino said...

I love these! So pretty . . .

oline said...

that's a great idea!
and i can't remember if i told you or not, but everyone LOVE LOVE LOVED the cards at christmas.