Monday, September 29, 2008

Rainy Day Fluff

The Fluff festival, What the Fluff, happened on Sunday despite the occasional rain. It was a wacky and wild festival. Union Square was packed. I didn't get to see much (I missed the Fluff licking contest - I wonder what that looked like?) or take any pictures because I was either blindfolding children (and the occasional adult) and spinning them around, or preventing them from wandering into the street (the game was about 3 feet from a major thoroughfare) and handing out tickets.

At first I didn't think we would have many kids coming to our game, I thought pin the tail on the donkey was a cultural reference that would be meaningless to them (I only remember playing it once at a birthday party). But the promise of tickets was like the call of the pied piper and we had a line for the entire time I was there. Who would have thought pin the "F" on Fluff Boy would be such a hit.

I got a free shirt for volunteering, which is pretty awesome, but didn’t have time to sample and Fluff themed food. Next year I might just go as a spectator and bring friends and family so I can truly appreciate the magic of Fluff and not spend my time worrying about pink eye and children being run down. I’ll find something a little more low-key to volunteer for next time around.

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