Saturday, September 27, 2008

stART on the Street

I am resurfacing after a busy week with some photos and news about how last week's craft fair went. It was a great day. There was a huge crowd as you can see. It was a really big fair with about 250 vendors. I sold a good amount of cards, but got the sense from some of the vendors around me that overall it was a slow sales day. You know, the massive economic crisis and all. But it was a good experience and I gave out a bunch of business cards and met some very nice people.

This is my little set up. Yes, that is a car. No, it is not ours. And yes, it is awfully close to my table. I ended up with car dirt on my shirt from constantly bumping up against it. My husband spent the day with me and a friend and her super cute dog, Belle, visited for a long time. I think I owe Belle a commission for all the people she drew over to my table.

My husband and I left our house at about 7:30 that morning and got back at about 7 that night, it was a long day. I was in bed by 8:30. These are the top 5 things I learned over the course of the day:

1. Bring a beach umbrella if you aren't under a tent. We would have fried without ours.

2. No matter how nice a day it is, the wind will blow. Be prepared. If I do another outdoor fair I will change my set-up.

3. Bring a cushion to sit on. Seven and a half hours is a long time to sit in one place. My back was sore for 2 days.

4. Bring a calculator. Doing math in your head in front of strangers is hard/stressful.

5. Bring lots of water and food, unless you are willing to spend your profits on fair food. We did take advantage of the vegetarian Chinese food at the fair, and it was worth every penny. Veggie teriyaki on a stick can't be beat! Not to mention there were frozen chocolate covered bananas, which I also could not pass up.


ThePeachTree said...

Brilliant list of forget me nots! I have yet to do a fair and I'm SO nervous to make any sort of serious flubs!

paper wren said...

Thanks - I don't think I will join the craft fair circuit any time soon (it was hard work!), but I might try a half day indoor market next and compare. Holiday shopping season is on the horizon!