Saturday, September 20, 2008

Craft Fair Here I Come!

I think I am just about ready for stART on the Street tomorrow. I have all my cards packaged and labeled. I decided on prices. I have a cashbox and change, business cards (and a fancy new holder), my handmade card stands, a sign holder, a table, and a tablecloth (OK it's actually a shower curtain, but it's really cute!). Now all I need to do is make a little sign to put into the sign holder and get together some snacks to keep me and my husband fed for the day.

I am also going to do a quick inventory here so that I know what I sold after the fact without having to keep track tomorrow. Tonight I might do a practice set up with my table and stuff to make sure I like the way it looks.

I have lots of moral support between my husband (who will be with me all day, bless his heart!) and my mom and a friend who will be coming by to visit. And I have some long distance moral support radiating from family in Pennsylvania. Thanks to everyone for all the ideas, and support. I will let you know how it goes and will be sure to take some photos tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

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