Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chattanooga Creatures

I got in to Chattanooga last night. Today I went to the Tennessee Aquarium and just wanted to post some pictures of some of my favorites from there. I will post more about my trip later, I'm a little beat right now.

I heart seahorses. They had a great special exhibit, where I saw these two. The second image is not seaweed, I promise.

The otters were great, I was super excited to see them and they were so fun to watch.

Blurry, but it still manages to capture what I love about puffer fish - that hapless good natured-ness in their "expression."

And finally, the jellyfish...

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Anonymous said...

Pretty seahorses, B. I'm an otterman myself though, so see if you can bring one back from Chattanooga. They've got a million of them down there anyway.