Sunday, September 7, 2008

Getting Ready

New cards! I printed 3 out of the 5 new cards that I have been working on. Eventually they will be a set of 5. I would like to finish them today, but the Patriots are playing, so we'll see how much time I have for crafting. Let's go Patriots!

The designs are based on antique lace patterns. I am happy with how close I was able to match the inks to the envelopes. I finally cracked the code for the curry color. It has been a challenge. The secret? Avocado. The final two cards will be chartreuse (my favorite) and pool blue.

I went to Ikea today with my mom. We got cafeteria breakfast for 2 for about $6.00 (which always feels amazing. French toast sticks rock!) and then shopped before it got insane. I got some boxes that will help with my display for the craft fair. Two weeks left! How did it creep up so fast?

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