Thursday, October 2, 2008

Road Weary

Since the frenzy leading up to the craft fair I haven't done any Gocco-ing. I am feeling very bad about that because I want to, but have just been feeling a little wiped out and haven't felt the creative juices flowing.

Part of it is traveling for work. Since the end of August I have been to North Adams, Provincetown, Chicopee, Medford, Gardner, Worcester, Everett, and had a meeting in Boston. This week I have Brockton and a work event in Lexington (on Saturday!). Then over the next couple of weeks I'll be in Fall River, New Bedford, and Springfield and psossibly another trip to Brockton. I do like going out to meet people all over the state, it just takes a lot out of you after work and on weekends over time. The photo is from our visit to PA, but since it was taken from the car, I thought it was fitting.

I did sign up for a drawing class at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education, which has been my creative outlet of late. Nothing to show you yet, just lost of drawings of cones, spheres, and bowls.

I do have two holiday cards in my head that I want to start on soon. Maybe this weekend - if I am not feeling tuckered out.

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