Saturday, October 4, 2008

Touched by the Fuller

Yesterday I was at the Fuller Craft Museum for work. I had never been before and was really impressed. It is a little gem of a museum, right on a pond and the museum and the natural surroundings blended together beautifully.

I didn't get to see the whole museum because of time, but did spend some time in Xenobia Baily's exhibition, which was mesmerizing. The photo is of a piece called Bit by Bit, Little by Little and is from the museum's website. The museum describes the exhibition in this way:
Harlem-based artist Xenobia Bailey’s aesthetic is decidedly funk, a fusion of Afrocentrism, feminism, spirituality, communion with nature, drumbeats, motion, and energy. Her exhibition will include large scale wall mandalas crocheted in vivid colors and patterns made of cotton and acrylic yarns and plastic pony beads.
The pieces were huge and I couldn't help thinking of the artists sitting on her couch crocheting with a huge 8 foot circle on her lap. They must be so heavy and it must take so much time. I can see why the above piece would be called Bit by Bit, Little by Little just from the point of view of a knitter.


Xenobia Bailey's Artist Journal said...

Gteetings, What a lovely blog you have, thank you so much for mentioning my exhibit at the Fuller Craft Museum,


Xenobia Bailey

paper wren said...

Thanks! I loved your exhibit, I will be going back with my mother-in-law who will also appreciate it!

It must take so long to make each piece...