Thursday, August 21, 2008

My First Fair

So in about 1 month I will take part in my first craft fair as a vendor (I have been to plenty as a shopper, most recently the SOWA open market with my husband. My husband "loves" craft fairs almost as much as he "loves” yarn stores but he goes with me anyway, which is why he's so great).

I will be taking part in the stART on the Street Festival in Worcester on September 21st. I had learned about it during my last trip to Worcester.

I will spend the next month getting ready, reprinting some cards I am low on, and hopefully printing some new cards. I will try to decide if it is too early to print holiday cards (Will you be buying holiday cards in September? Will you even be thinking about the holidays in September? Oh, the mysteries of seasonal retail). Don't worry, I'll keep you posted about this endeavor. I am excited and nervous, but think that no matter what it will be a good experience.

Now begins the craft fair countdown, T-minus 32 days...

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