Monday, August 18, 2008

Front Page Day

I was happy to get an email from my mother-in-law telling me these cards were on the Etsy front page. It is exciting every time. These and my peony thank you cards always seem to be the ones that get picked for treasuries, and thus have made it to the front page a few times each. I got over 400 views on the chrysanthemum cards, 30 new people hearted my shop, and I sold a pack of cards.

This all helped brighten my day since I am a bit under the weather and have been laying on the couch too tired to do anything, but not tired enough to sleep, somewhere between hungry and nauseous, hot and cold, and with what would appear to be two black eyes, but really only dark circles from a night of no sleep.

Etsy has a way of cheering you up when you are blue. Of course, Etsy is also fickle at times and holds back "the love" but, when it's good, it's good.


Lorena y Justino said...

We (Satchi included) hope that you are feeling better. Congratulations on your many recent sales!

paper wren said...

Thanks, I am. I love your new items. That 80's sweater dress has to get snapped up fast. I bet it goes to a Wicker Park hipster (a nice one).