Saturday, August 30, 2008

On the Road

It has been great having a long weekend. I am still catching up from crisscrossing the state of Massachusetts in about 26 hours last week. On Monday I drove all the way west to North Adams and then first thing Tuesday I drove in the complete opposite direction to Provincetown. Both were work related trips and in the end I put 540 miles on the Corolla. It was nice because my husband got to come with me (and share the driving) to Provincetown.

In Provincetown I went to the Provincetown Art Association and Museum where I enjoyed a Herman Maril exhibit. I don't think I had come across him before, but it was the just the thing for me to catch my breath between drives and soak up some Cape atmosphere through the light and color in his paintings. This is one of his paintings from the exhibit; unfortunately I don't have the title on hand. If you are down in Provincetown for any reason be sure to stop by the PAAM.

While in P-Town my husband and I got some lunch. Unfortunately I was so starved that we stopped at the first mediocre place we came across that had at least 1 vegetarian item on the menu. After lunch I had a bit of food regret when I saw all the amazing looking eateries we could have sampled. Then we walked around for a bit and saw these great clothespin fish in front of Tristan Gallery on Commercial Street.

I regret not having brought my camera on my trip to North Adams. When I was heading back home after my meeting and was going back over the mountain, the view of the valley speckled with city lights, with the silhouette of the mountains across the valley and an orange backdrop from the recently set sun was amazing. Next time...

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