Thursday, September 3, 2009

Seattle: Food

Fair food, market food, street food - call it what you will, I love it all. I am a sucker for food from a stand or a stall. Which is part of the reason 90% of my meals were had near Pike Place Market, which had a nice mix of stalls and restaurants. But also, if like me you are short on time and short on cash it is a good place to be. Here is my "best of" food list at or near the market, in no particular order:

1. The "world's best" mac and cheese at Beecher's. While I don't know if it is the world's best, it was really, really good and had a little red pepper or something to give it a lift out of the ordinary.

2. One of the lightest, fluffiest, airiest croissants I have had in a long while from Le Panier.

3. A maple butter smothered crumpet and good Irish tea from The Crumpet Shop. A perfect way to start a cool, grey morning!

4. Piroshky Piroshky! This was probably my favorite. The potato, cheese and onion filled piroshky was completely divine. Potato filled bread. How can you go wrong?

5. Gelato from Bottega Italiana. I loved mixing Pannacotta with anything citrusy. It was like a rich, fancy creamsicle. I am pretty sure I had gelato every day, and twice on at least one day. It is a good thing I was walking a lot.

6. Veggie Combo at Pan Africa Market. A delicious arrangement of cabbage and potato stew, red lentil stew, curried split peas, greens, carrots & green beans served with injera. I really wanted to try the curried corm but knew I couldn't eat that and my combo. The food was good and the price was great. The same dish would have cost me almost twice as much at home.

As you can see, I ate very well in Seattle. If I go again I hope to spend more time in the neighborhoods surrounding the downtown. This time I had limited time and a limited ability to get around. That leaves me something to look forward to (aside from another piroshky!).

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