Friday, September 18, 2009

Seattle: Art

My final installment of my Seattle trip round up is about some of the great art I saw while in Seattle.

One of my absolute favorites was at Suyama Space. It was Andreas Bee's work - Raumgreifend

When I first walked in and saw the light, moon jelly like pieces floating in air with the sun streaming into the gorgeous space - it was almost magical.

I was also lucky to tour a space that is not usually open to the public and saw Dale Chihuly's boathouse where his crew blows the glass for his pieces. The workshop ran like a well oiled machine and was impeccably clean and organized. It was also a treat to see site specific work installed around the boathouse in addition to some of Chihuly's collection of Americana and other art.

Glass rods for coloring glass.

A site specific installation in the corner of the studio.

Molds for shaping the glass.

Instillation detail.

Another detail.

Lap pool with installations above and in the pool.

Gigantic 96 foot long table made from a solid piece of wood with tons of Chihuly chandeliers overhead.

I also very much enjoyed the Settle Art Museum, the Olympic Sculpture Park, and the Seattle Public Library.

Another highlight of my trip was learning to "crochet" with Mandy Greer and helping make a river. I say "crochet" because it was lucky for me that Mandy didn't mind, lumpy, holy bits in the piece. Her project Mater Matrix Mother and Medium sounded like such a great project that invited anyone to contribute and used art to draw attention to an environmental issue. I am bummed I did not get to see the actual installation myself.

All in all I really enjoyed Seattle and look forward to going back someday. There are more Seattle pics on Flickr.


Bethany said...

I love Chihuly! I found your blog by searching "shop local" -- nice cards!

paper wren said...

Thanks, I love your cards too neighbor!

Seeing Chihuly's boathouse and watching them blow glass for his pieces was such a fun surprise.