Sunday, November 9, 2008

Today I Gocco

Really, today I will finally finish my holiday cards. I am determined. I other crafting news, I found out that my application to be in the Somerville Museum Holiday Sale was accepted. Craft fair take 2. This one is indoors (yay!) and is actually for 2 days. It is much, much smaller than the stART on the Street and is held in at the same time as a few other happenings in the Ville. This one does not require much prep since I did so much prep last time.

I will bring a book and welcome any visitors who happen to be in the neighborhood. I am not making my husband sit with me all day, even though he is so great that if I asked he probably would. My not asking him to come is his birthday gift since the first day of the craft fair is on his birthday. Last year I was in Baltimore on his birthday, and this year I will be at a craft fair all day. Next year I will do better.

One last news item, I gave a pack of cards to a fellow crafty blogger, ohhellofriend, to use in her holiday giveaway. When they go up and she starts promoting the giveaway I will let you know. OK, I am off to Gocco land...

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