Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Almost Defeated by Snowflakes

After burning 2 screens and trying two inks I give up on the bird holiday card design. I could not get what I wanted out of the colors or the snowflake background so I went back to the drawing board. I switched the background and foreground and also switched from pool blue to the bluebell blue. This is the new and improved and hopefully more printable version:

Of course, it couldn't just be a matter of changing the design and merrily continuing on my way. This cards has been strewn with obstacles. My printer ran out of ink. Instead of 1 trip to Staples (to photocopy the design so it would be the necessary carbon based image my Gocco craves), it meant 2. It took one trip to Staples to by ink, and then home to print the background, then back to Staples to copy the print out, then home to finally print.

Not so fast. Because I had a light, poor exposure on my screen last time, I opted for a darker design copy to burn my screen this time. But I over compensated and the carbon was so heavy that the paper stuck to the screen blocking the holes. I inked it anyway, hoping I had gotten off all the paper (using tweezers and a steady hand), but there were big blobs of paper messing up my snowflakes. Uhg. Aside from that I loved the new design and color.

I was about to burn the 4th screen but decided to heavily clean the screen with my giant tub of Gojo. Lo and behold, saturating the screen with Gojo and lightly scraping the screen lifted off the last bits of paper and now I have a usable screen!

Now I am just waiting for the clean screen to dry before finally printing these cards. Sigh. It will feel good. Nine out of 10 times the stars align and printing is a breeze. This is that 10% of the time that my Gocco is in a foul mood. But I will prevail and you will see some finished cards soon enough.

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