Monday, November 3, 2008

Stalled Out...

Last weekend I worked on my holiday cards (not the weekend that just slipped away with no real crafting, but the one before). I printed 2 out of 3, but had trouble with the third. It’s the bird card. I was planning on printing a pool blue background on a white card with the snowflakes being the white paper showing through. I know that the Gocco is not the best at printing large swaths of solid color, but I was looking forward to the distressed look.

Something wasn’t working for me though. The pool is too much and too heavy. It is also a thick, mixed ink and came out too distressed, and almost faux finished. And one corner had poor exposure. So after printing these two, I called it quits to sort out my next step. And a week and a half later, that is where I still am.

I think I might expose another screen (yikes, not when they are such a precious commodity!), and use the metallic blue ink right out of the tube since it is a little more fluid, smoother and a cooler color. There is an upcoming holiday, which I might turn into a 4 day weekend since it falls on a Tuesday this year. So let’s hope I get back in gear then and can finish these up!

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