Sunday, July 27, 2008

This Little Bird Says Hello

I was finally able to print my chartreuse bird cards. I was initially inspired to make these because I wanted to do something with a monochromatic pattern and then remembered a friends brocade wallpaper and started there. Since a lot of people wonder about my Gocco and the process (one friend thought my Gocco was a helpful little crafty bird, which is actually kind of fitting), I thought I would show some photos of the Gocco in action.

This was a two layer print. Above is the first layer being printed. You can see the ink and the pattern on the top part of the Gocco. I had just pressed it down (it is like a big clam shell) to create the brocade background.After the first layer is dry, I can print a second ink color and image over the first. You can see the bird and text in the brown ink in this image.

Here are the final cards hanging to dry. Next time I print, I will show how I created the image in the screen since I forgot to take pictures of that this time around. I have really been digging the rounded corners lately. this is the first time I have rounded the corners on a folded card and my little hand punch is working overtime on these. I still have a lot to do but can only do a few at a time before it runs out of steam or I run out of steam.

You can see the final product (rounded corners and all) posted on Etsy in my paper wren shop.


Anonymous said...

Gocco birds do exist, by the by...they have trumpet faces, donut holes for eyes and little snow shoes for wings. They are two to forty-nine inches in length, are very fast and they have rather ostentatious feathers as well: When they swoop down to feed on dandelions, they look like an old pair of Elton John glasses (circa Yellow Brink Road) falling from a building.

Denise said...

I am digging these photos of the process. Makes seeing the end result even better! And please, keep punching on o/t...