Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Find - Miniature Chicago

I have not posted much this week. It was one of those weeks at work that's completely draining. I haven't had much going on upstairs except "get through this week," "I'm tired," "uhg" and I knew you didn't want to read 5 posts about that. The other thing on me and my husband's mind lately is going back to Chicago for a mini vacation. That is where we met and we have been swept up in nostalgia lately.

Since we won't be going anytime soon, and I needed to escape right now, I was thrilled to find James Spicer's alluring Miniature Chicago Neighborhood Scenes. These are three photos from his set of 5. Check out all his other great, tiny worlds.

I want to be there now. Oh well, at least it's Friday.


oline said...

how cool!

paper wren said...

I know! He took them through the viewfinder of another camera. I found this flickr group that explained ttv more: