Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bread Pudding

I mentioned yesterday that my husband and I were going day-tripping up to York, Maine and Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Well, we didn't make it to York because we were short on time, but we did cross over the border into Kittery to visit When Pigs Fly Bakery.

Even though there is a location just up the road from us in Davis Square, it always feels like a treat going to the Kittery location. We got some delicious olive bread, seeded multigrain, and a special treat - blueberry lemon bread pudding.

The bread pudding tastes as good as it looks. It is dense and moist and not too sweet. This morning I took it to the next level and whipped up some whipping cream with a little sugar and vanilla. Oh, sweet, sweet bread pudding. It is a good thing you are so small in size or else I would be in trouble. Plus I have to save room for Super Bowl junk food tonight. I am making vegetarian cilli nachos. I will be rolling out of this weekend into the coming week.

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