Sunday, December 21, 2008

Somerville Illuminated

The Illuminations tour was illuminating. I went through parts of Somerville I have never seen even after 2 and a half years here. The tour also shed some light into human behavior since we were squished onto a packed trolley and half of our fellow travelers were actually lit up themselves. I do appreciate the festive, were-in-this-together banter now and then, but the commentary wore me out a little.

Tour guide: "We are about to pass the tallest decorated tree in Somerville."
Upon passing said tree, passenger: "I agree."

I guess one can agree with a statement of fact if they want, but since it is a fact, it is kind of unnecessary. Imagine this kind of running commentary for 45 minutes.

Anyway, the lights were amazing, elaborate and had a touch of madness about them. Think holiday themed, circus-fever dreams. I highly recommend either going on a tour sometime, or doing a self guided tour using one the the maps the Somerville Arts Council provides. Taking photos from a moving trolley with foggy windows was a challenge, but here are a few pictures I took last night:

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