Saturday, December 20, 2008

Setting the Holiday Mood

So the answer to my question is yes. There will be snow adding to the spirit of the holiday season on tonight's Illuminations Tour. Very nice.

Seeing as I am one of the many "non-essential" state workers, the governor told me to stay home yesterday. I went in anyway for a few hours but then got home before the snow and worked from my cozy abode the rest of the day. Yes we had snow. Yes, I am glad most people weren't trying to commute home in it. But no, it was not the blizzard of '78.

It is getting me in to the spirit of things. Finally.


Laura said...

i hear ya, its snowing a lot in downtown Portland, were supposed to have the "worst snowstorm since '04" tomorrow. yikes, i hope i get to stay home from work! stay warm :)

paper wren said...

Yikes! Good luck and stay safe!