Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Minsk

While trolling around on the internet, my husband Greg discovered this illustration by UK artist Dale Bowers, which is inspired by one of Greg's poems "The Minsk". It is so cool! It is amazing that through the internet artists across the ocean can connect and be inspired in ways that used to be almost impossible. Love it!

I have always wanted to do some kind of companion piece or series of photos inspired by my husband's poems, but haven't yet. I am glad that someone has because they are ripe with images. If you want to read more of my husband's poems, you can read his blog or his book, I Thought I Was New Here.


DB said...


My name is Dale Bowers, I am completely amazed that youve featured my work on your blog. The internet is truly a small world! Iv loved your husbands poems for a long time, they're always so full of imagery and inspiration. Please send him my best wishes, I had planned on contacting Greg to show him my work but never had the guts hah. Thanks again for the mention. All the best to both of you.

Dale Bowers

paper wren said...

Hi Dale,

It made our day finding your illustration - really. We both really enjoy your work and look forward to keeping up with what you are working on on your blog.


oline said...

aw, how cool!